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Compliance Manager

Ref: : A/21857 (AMC Insurance Appointments Ltd)
Location: :

Colchester - South East

Rate: 50K to 60K (Permanent)
Industries: Insurance
Functional Areas: Accountancy / Taxation, Legal

A background and experience gained in Compliance, within the UK Insurance Market is essential for consideration in relation to this role – the purpose of which will be:

• Advising on day to day compliance with FCA, other regulatory and legislative requirements
• Monitoring the business’ adherence to regulatory standards
• Handling all aspects of compliance monitoring, investigation and resolution

Although this role will be based in Colchester, some days in the London office will be required, so candidates must be prepared to travel in occasionally. This is a small compliance team and therefore the role would most likely suit an individual used to working in, or looking to work within a smaller / mid sized insurance organisation.

A full job description and more detailed list of specific duties is available.


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