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Security Design Estimator Manager

Ref: : 24035622 (AV Jobs)
Location: :

Watford - London

Rate: Attractive (Permanent) + GBP 35k- GBP 45k doe, plus discretionary bonus, p
Industries: Electronics / Electrical
Functional Areas: Engineering / Design

The Opportunity

This is a great opportunity for an experienced security designer and estimator working with CCTV, Access Control, Door Entry, Fibre IRS and Landlord`s network.

Key Responsibilities:
To manage and take full responsibility for all of the Design Estimating Functionsof the business for all Commercial and Residential projects.
Estimating Functions

Outward Communications Relationships
All Tender Returns must be;
Received check for tender inquiries, daily.
Confirm with a Director whether we intend to submit a return (or not).
Acknowledge all tender inquiries forwarded to the Estimating Department internally (from a director or other member of staff)
Acknowledged Externally promptly respond to sender (same day), thanking them for the invitation to tender

Quality Control
All Tender Returns must be;

Time Managed
RFId review the tender documentation and compile any immediately obvious RFIs, record them on the andlsquo;RFI Schedule and issue to sender ASAP (within 48 hrs of receiving the tender).
Completed to an acceptably high standard of accuracy and presentation
Tender Return Standards
Checked (internally within the design dept) completing the andlsquo;QA Compliance Questionnaire
Signed off - (by a Director) demonstrating satisfactory completion of the andlsquo;QA Compliance Questionnaire

General Responsibilities

Design Estimating Tools Research, Development Maintenance To research, consult, define, select, maintain all Company Design/Estimating tools (estimating/design softwares, file structures) and template documentation

Design Estimating Standards To research, consult, define, design, produce maintain Design/Estimating standards (e.g. cover pages, borders, title blocks, drawing registers, naming conventions) for all estimating/design functions for both the Commercial Residential departments.

Market Research To research, consult, select, verify utilise the most suitable, cost effective, fit for purpose latest technologies/systems for the benefit of the Company(within the confines of spec compliance) for all estimating/design functions for the Commercial only department.

Design Estimating Human Resources To accurately forecast and report the upcoming workload personnel requirements of the Commercial only Estimating Design departments on a roiling short medium term basis, highlighting any potential shortfalls and issues, in consultation and collaboration with the Residential Estimating Design departments.

Based in Watford salary is andpound;35k-andpound;45k p.a. doe plus discretionary bonus as well as pension and benefits

Your Skills and Experience

Ability to lead manage a team, providing clear, concise information guidance up and down the chain of command
Excellent organisation skills and the ability to remain flexible/adaptable to quickly changing time demands/tasks
Ability to prioritise and be proactive
Ability to manage multiple projects/tasks simultaneously, working to


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