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Senior Technical Sales Executive

Ref: : 23365584 (Additional Resources Ltd.)
Location: :

London - London

Rate: 60K to 80K (Permanent) +
Industries: Healthcare / NHS / Medicine
Functional Areas: Sales

Senior Technical Sales Executive - London, CitySalary - GBP 60k - GBP 80k Excellent Benefits

The Client

Our client is a leading company that develops cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions for major global and local clients in Europe, Middle East and Africa. They focus on developing enterprise software solutions that solve existing problems across a range of industries using advanced machine learning, deep learning and deep reinforcement learning. Their expertise spans across research, development, visualisation, and design, allowing the whole end-to-end solution to be developed in-house across our teams in London, Paris, Tunis, Lagos, Cape Town and Dubai.


Our client is looking for a Senior Sales Executive specialised in Big Pharma to join the expanding team in London. Your role is to sell and generate tangible revenues in dealing with Big Pharma companies and other potential clients.

You will focus solely on selling the product and platform, through your own network initially. You will then work with the Business Development Team internally to unlock new clients.

In this role, you will report to the Chief Financial Officer and you will also work very closely with the team.


Your job is to identify areas where the company can sell and increase its footprint with customers, opportunities to open up new markets, and methods to enhance efficiencies in the sales process.

Your objective is to execute a Sales plan leading to generating tangible revenues. You will aim to consistently exceed goals and meet clients expectations, make sure after sales service and support is adequate and continuously expand sales with current clients and look for new clients.



Work daily and very closely with the business development team to understand the overall firm`s priorities and capabilities and find new ways to sell the product

Contribute to the business development plans and collaborate with the various team members to maximise sales to the clients you bring on board. Explore and refine a strategy to leverage the team, the platform and your contacts to increase sales.

Sales process management:

Manage sales process through qualification, needs analysis, product demo, negotiation, and closing.

Document daily activities, prepare accurate reports and forecasts, manage the pipeline and perform tasks necessary to drive sales revenue and communicate activities to top management.

Negotiate sales contracts with customers and ensure their adherence to the company`s KPIs.

Define programs to maximize net sales revenue across both new sales and add-on and upsell.

Marketingand Client Success:

Leverage existing relationships in order to create new direct sales opportunities.

Review and help improve the marketing materials and tools to support the sales process.

Monitor customer satisfaction with exis


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