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Software Deployment Engineer

Ref: : A/21816 (AMC Insurance Appointments Ltd)
Location: :

London - London

Rate: 50K to 55K (Permanent)
Industries: IT, Insurance
Functional Areas: IT

Our client, a leading and highly innovative insurance software development company is looking for a an experienced Software Deployment Engineer. Reporting to the Software Development Manager, this is a new position that is required a result of significant business gains and planned growth within the company.

To support the company’s ambitions, they are looking to hire someone to help define and then own the software deployment process. The successful candidate will work closely with software development, testing and infrastructure teams to establish an efficient delivery pipeline acting as gatekeeper for releases into pre-production and production environments. The role requires someone with strong pipeline automation experience, who has established or worked on similar operational delivery projects in a highly parallelised software development environment.

Main Duties include:

• Plan the deployment of new features across multiple environments and repositories
• Build iOS clients from Swift code and deploy via AppStore
• Build web clients from Angular code and deploy via Docker
• Build API images from Swift and TypeScript code and deploy via Docker
• Select suitable code branches for to synchronise the deployment across the repos
• Organise configuration procedures for new releases

A minimum of 2 years’ experience in commercial software development is required as well as a Computer Science or similar discipline degree with skills including; GitHub, Shell Scripting, a thorough understanding of source control management – i.e. branching, dependency checking, cherry picking, etc. In addition, knowledge of CI/CD, Azure, Jenkins and Release management is desirable.


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