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VP/Director of Engineering : (Digital start-up)

Ref: : 23335423 (Additional Resources Ltd.)
Location: :

London - London

Rate: 150K (Permanent) +
Industries: IT
Functional Areas: IT

VP/Director of Engineering - (Digital start-up) - London

GBP 150k basic great bonus share options flexi/remote working

My client, a digital start-up AI Software Builder, that specialises in building, maintaining and running bespoke software for their customers, making it faster, more accessible and less expensive for everyone to bring their ideas to life.

They are very keen to hire a Vice President/Director of Engineering who is a multi-sector professional with experience in Professional Services, Finance, Banking and/or Media Publishing and the ideal candidate must be a master of their domain in cloud based DevOps.

Last year they secured $29.5m of funding to scale our growth in Europe. They already have three offices in LA, Delhi, and London and recently hit 250 employees globally. A key focus for them this year is to significantly grow their London operation.


We`re looking for humble, but ambitious, razor-sharp VP/Director of Engineering who can teach us a thing or two. We promise to return the favour. You will need to drive technical vision and provide leadership for a group of DevOps engineers in an innovative and fast paced environment. Our selection process will emphasize technical and architectural skills as well as leadership/management/organizational skills equally.

You must be able to inspire, champion and teach when the need arises. We are looking for someone who`s is equally comfortable leading by influence or authority.

We are looking for a rare mix of intelligence, integrity, domain knowledge, verbal agility, and diplomacy which allows you to rapidly earn the trust of technically astute engineers and product astute product management leaders.

Why We Need This Role

We are looking for a lead-of-leads to manage the engineering department and team leaders.

You will bring modern development practices and be responsible for the progress and continues improvement of the quality of the deliverables for the engineering team.

We are looking for a leader to help us achieve and maintain maximum potential in areas of scale, security, fiscal efficiency and fault tolerance. This includes everything from authentication to authorization service to programmatic cross cloud resource initiation, orchestration and continuity.

Why You Should Join

This is a challenging and diverse role that requires you to build both, an organization and DevOps vision, nearly from the ground up. Only join this role if you are craving rapid growth, able to create a path in unchartered territory, and comfortable with trying, failing and course-correcting fast.

Requirements (You don`t need to tick all to apply)

* Strong technical leadership experience in globally geo distributed environments
* Deep understanding of technology landscape
* 12 plus years solid experience in Internet Infrastructure, including at least 4-5 years in cloud based DevOps environment
* 5 plus years of relevant experience managi


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